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You Cannot Pay through our website. Unfortunately the the chargeback scammers messed that up. This post if for your information prior to buying.

Our vendor list consist of overseas and us vendors. Mainly overseas. You will also be able to book a one on one 30 min consultation with me if you have any questions on how to use the list and how to communicate with vendors.

All sales are final. You can message me here on my website, via email at, message me on Tiktok and under my latest YouTube video. I always respond with 1-48hrs. We DO NOT have an Instagram anymore. If you want to message me on IG us my @trulysmoothskintique IG account.

Method of payment for list is Zelle ($149.99) You will use my email connected with my Zelle: (don’t have a Zelle for Goluckycharmz) in the note section please leave the following: Your IG or social media name (So that I can find you) and your email to receive the vendors list.

Vendors List

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